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CARNAVAL! Contra a violência sexual.
11Fev2013 09:23:29
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 Sara Winter FEME

Grupo de Feministas contra abuso sexual infantil.








 Encontrei em Ipanema as Meninas que lutam contra a violência sexual infantil, aproveito para deixar aqui meu protesto e colocar link sobre a tabela de idade e consentimentos existente no mundo, que varia segundo critérios de consentimento. Gisele S Lemos




This page provides a brief overview of legal ages of consent worldwide, allowing for an insight into the variations that exist between countries and within countries. However, age of consent laws are usually complex and the legal age of consent listed here may be higher or lower depending on certain conditions. These include but are not limited to: Male or female; anal sex; vaginal sex; partner age difference; a partner that represents a position of authority; variations between state, territory and federal laws; whether partners are married or unmarried. See individual country references for specific conditions that modify the age of consent. Being aware of global variations in the age of consent is important to avoid breaking the law in countries that have laws different to your country of residence.

As this table shows, the age of consent varies significantly between countries, and in a number of cases may be considered to be too low. Sex before the age of 15 years and among partners where there is a large age difference may increase the risk of HIV transmission.1 2 Governments can, to some extent, reduce the risk of HIV infection among young people by ensuring the age of consent for sex, and also marriage, is not too low.

If you're a young person, and you want to find out more, read our page on teens, sex and the law. You might also like to have a look at our "Am I ready for sex?" page.

A Table showing Worldwide Ages of Consent

This table should only be used as general guide - please read the notes and references at the bottom of this page for more detailed information."

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